Fred Knipe

Swimming With Tigers
words & music by Fredric O. Knipe

If you're feeling the years now
Can't help but slow down
You should make up a list now
What you'd still love to get done

You could storm some old castle
Stampede some old steers
And make love on a bobsled
The wind in your ears

Drop into the jungle
Behind enemy lines
With only a blowgun
And umbrella combined

Ride out with a posse
And come back alone
Refuse to discuss it
Say justice was done

Get drunk in a rocket
Get naked in space
A few steps for mankind
Then jet back to your place

Of course you wouldn't need to do
every one of these things
After all you're a practical man
And to do more than two
Or three things that may kill you
That's not a practical plan

But before it's all over
It's not much to ask
To be swimming with tigers
While the testosterone lasts