Fred Knipe

Anyone Who Loves Me
words & music by Fredric O. Knipe

There are prob'ly hundreds
Who do not really love me
I've come to grips with this thank God
For years I was confused

Magazines and movie screens
Were filled with raving beauty
Just turn on the TV
Someone gorgeous did the news

I fell hard for each of them
Gave all my love and waited
For any sign they sensed how much
Of me was theirs to lose

I came to know the hard way
That the beauty of these strangers
May shine but's not the kind, no
Not a beauty you can use

Now no one is as beautiful
As anyone who loves me
I see that kind of beautiful
And just can't turn away

You might be a beauty queen
But only time will tell me
Say the words "I love you", though
And I'll come home with you today

Do not fall for glamour
It is not a serious offer
And if she can't hear you pledge your love
She won't be there for you

It fails as entertainment too
'Cause trust me it's exhausting
To break your heart and start
All over every single day

Now no one is as beautiful...