Fred Knipe

I Must Sing
words & music by Fredric O. Knipe

Whenever I hear my car's been repossessed
Or the dogs just ate all the lasagna
Or the baby's not mine or I'm under arrest
That's when I know
I must sing

Whenever I'm told my invention's been done
Or my fiancee's gone back to Bulgaria
Or the spare tire's flat or the heirlooms are junk
That's when I know
I must sing ...and dance

I must rise from my cot or reclining chair
See my shadow leap upon the wall
I must lift my voice in the freezing air
And hear myself existing after all

Now the coffee is burnt and the newspaper's wet
A car alarm's drowning Vivaldi
And I miss my self due to identity theft
So once again
I must sing

One can sing in a crypt, in a cell, in a sling
Don't say you can't cause I've been there
One can dance in restraints, on a cliff, on a wing
No, not well, but enough to hang in there

So when pawnbrokers trample your family pride
And a dog's throwing up your lasagna
You should come and see me, but please be advised
We'll have to dance
And we'll sing

Fa la la la la la la fa la la
Mala papa la moppa la mama
With a hey nonny nonny manana
Oom ba da boom, ba da boom, ba da bing