Fred Knipe

I'm Fine
words & music by Fredric O. Knipe

I'm fine, oh I'm fine
There are just some kinds of wine
Make me walk the wrong way, they affect my spine
Yes, I should know by now
But with all the disappointment
about the lottery
I guess I just forgot
I pick nineteen a lot
And dyslexia's a curse
But it's hereditary
My family cannot win, I'd be better off blind
But I'm fine
I'm fine

I'm fine, I'm just fine
A store will seize your card sometimes
And my sad fate is a taste for suave design
That goes by those Italian names
And when I get enthusiastic
As with the lottery
I tend to lose track, yes, I should look at that
But the banks have all the power now
They're predatory
And I can't look for work in my Chinese shoes
But I'm fine
I'm fine

I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine
But that's the thing with buying drugs online
Unbelievably cheap but read every line
Cause libido is an awesome thing
And with all of the excitement
Of e-harmony
I was scared I wouldn't last, I may have moved too fast
I'd have seen that the endorsements
Were all veterinary
And you can't file suit if it was made for swine
But I'm fine